What's in a Name

There are many weird and wonderful theories of how clubs get their nicknames and colors, many of which have changed down through the years.
  In the early days the Frankston Football and Cricket Club's adopted the colors red and black. The reason for doing so remains a mystery. As the Frankston Baseball Club originated at the Frankston Cricket Club, one can only presume that the baseball club followed the cricket club's lead and adopted the same colors.
  The original nickname 'Bombers', a term not well known to many members, may have originated as a result of having the same colors as the Essendon Football Club. Of course the 'Bombers' is rarely used these days as the 'Tomatoes' has taken over - presumably as a result of having red as one of the Club's official colors and the fact that former player, Tony Totaro, became known as 'Tommy Tomato', mainly because of his name and the fact that his father grew tomatoes in his backyard!


  The quirky name and its total irrelevance to baseball has made the Tomatoes and the Frankston Baseball Club well know throughout the league, state and country .... and through this web page .... the WORLD!