A premiership is broadly defined as 'the state of being first or foremost.' To be a member of a premiership team is therefore the highlight of a player's sporting career. It really doesn't matter what the sport is - baseball, cricket, football or netball - to have survived many weeks of training and competition and to win that final match is without doubt a great achievement. Baseball finals are not unlike other sporting finals in that the best laid plans can go horribly wrong. For example, your starting pitcher can be despatched to all parts of the park during the first innings, regulation ground balls are not secured when bases are loaded, and a comfortable lead manages to evaporate in the 9th innings! Player-wise, some thrive on finals' pressure and remain 'cool' in tight situations. Others simply do things that defy description and experience fear as absolute as staring up at a guillotine! Frankston Baseball Club is no stranger to finals matches, winning twenty six senior premierships, thirteen junior premierships, and being runners-up on more than 40 occasions.


After joining the Dandenong Baseball Association in 1946, the Club took eight years before it secured its first premiership flag - the 'A' Grade in 1953. This win was of special significance as it was the Club's fourth grand final in eight years.The lead-up to the final on 19 September resulted in the team defeating Chelsea in the first semi-final 6-5, and Saints 27-2 in the preliminary final, Dandenong A had defeated Saints in the second semi-final 11-10 and proceeded straight into the grand final. It is worth recording that the match against Saints produced some interesting statistics - 57 trips to the plate, 20 hits, 27 RBI's, 12 walks, and 2 errors! A busy day for the Frankston lads! The final, preceded by a heavy shower of rain, saw Frankston score five runs in the first innings. From then on, it became a very one-sided match with Frankston running out easy winners 16-3 against Dandenong A. Safe hits were recorded by C. Carter (3), A. Burridge, J. Metcher, R. McClelland, P. O'Brien (2), and J. Smale and C. Curwood 1 each. Team members for that finals series included A. Burridge (C), C. Carter, J. Smale, C. Curwood, J. O'Brien, P. O'Brien, I. McClelland, R. McClelland, G. Jeffs, G. Stewart, I. James, D. Beardsmore and J. Metcher.


The 1957 season resulted in yet another victory for the A Grade team but this time the Club exceeded expectations by winning the 'double' with the B Grade team. The A's path to glory was not an easy one. After defeating Saints 6-5 in a thriller of a preliminary final, they defeated Cheltenham 10-9 in an absolute 'nail-biter' of a final at the Frankston High School ground, currently Samuel Sherlock Park. As outsiders, the team rallied under the inspiring leadership of Paul O'Brien to score seven runs in the 8th innings to defeat the highly fancied Cheltenham team. The Cheltenham team had Bruce Lines pitching and five or six left-handed batters. Graeme Seabrook and Joffre Metcher played an outstanding game. Paul O'Brien's inspirational address to his players before the game will long be remembered.
The B Grade win followed a similar path to the A Grade when they lost their last match of season against Saints 25-14, and the semi-final 11-10 against the Cheltenham Magpies. They stormed into the final with a great win over Carrum 17-7 in the preliminary final and went on to win the final against the Magpies 11-8. This match was also played at the Frankston High School ground. Members of the team included J. O'Brien (C), T. Hunter, B. Harvey, C. Curwood, K. Black, D. Perry, A Lowrey, I. Beadel and J. Smale. As a result of winning the A and B Grade premierships in 1958, Frankston joined a select band of Clubs - Saints (1956), Cheltenham (1960-65-70-89) and Chelsea (1979) - who have achieved the 'double' - A and B Grade premierships in the one year.

1958 - B's DO IT AGAIN

1958 was yet another successful year for the B Grade team. They had reached the final with only two defeats and therefore had earned the right to be favourites to take out consecutive premierships. Frankston and Carrum were both scoreless after the first three innings but then Frankston's hitting came together. Despite being held scoreless in the 7th, Frankston kept Carrum scoreless in the final two innings to run out victors 6-3
The after-match celebrations were thoroughly enjoyed by all team members.


The C Grade team joined Cheltenham in the final after convincingly defeating Saints 10-1 in the preliminary final. The Frankston team opened its innings with a barrage of power hitting led by L. Jondahl, J. Saleeba and J. Rogerson, and completely rattled its opposition with a score of five runs. Despite a brief recovery by Cheltenham, Frankston raced to a long lead in the 6th innings as more runs came from the bats of Holland, Jondahl, Rogerson and Metcher. Brian Jack was outstanding at left field. Safe hits: L. Jondahl, J.Rogerson (3), J. Metcher, T. Holland, J. Saleeba (2), R. McClelland, B. Jack, C. Curwood and P. Curwood 1 each.


1962 once again saw Frankston with two teams in the grand final - the A and B Grade. The A's had reached the final by defeating Dandenong 5-4 in the semi-final and Cheltenham 4-3 in the preliminary final. This match proved to be a thriller as Frankston equalised in the 5th innings, and both teams were scoreless for eight innings. In the 11th innings a long fly by T. Searle enabled R. McClelland to score from third base. The final against Saints at the Bonbeach ground was a high standard game with scores level at three-all after six innings. The hitting power of Frankston suddenly emerged. A home run by J. Harvey, and hits by L. Hyde, I. Beadel and R. McClelland resulted in five runs. The final run was the result of a high fly by T. 'Snowy' Searle to left field which resulted in Rod McClelland (on 3rd) just making it home. Saints scored one more run but Frankston had the flag 8-4.
Twenty-six years later (1988), Frankston was to win its next A Grade premiership. One could safely say that it took a long time in coming. But more about the 1988 win later on.



Unfortunately, very few details concerning this premiership win are available at either Club or Association level. Fortunately the Frankston 'Standard' carried a brief report on the final which saw the Frankston lads, after trailing early in the game, fight back to defeat a determined Springvale 9-3 The team comprised: G. Allisey (C), W. O'Brien, M. O'Brien, P. Cozens, A. Addicott, G. Coates, C. Ferguson, J. Davies, C. Wilkins, B. Davis, S. McCormick, D. Bradfield (Coach), N. Wells (Asst Coach), and P. Richards (Scorer). P. Cozens won the Best Player Trophy.


Frankston won the premiership in the first season of the Dandenong Baseball Association Peewee League. Frankston dismissed Bonbeach St Chads for no score in the first innings, then got two runners home to lead 2-0. After St Chads scored one run, Frankston's strong battery of Peter Garner (ten strike outs) and Trafford Halls pinned St Chads down and, with good fielding support, held it scoreless for the remainder of the game. The stronger Frankston batting line-up went on to add eight more runs over three innings. The premiership team comprised: B. Jack (Coach), P. Garner (C), P. McGrath, T. Halls, S. Reid, P. Chipperfield, C. Love, N. Smith, C. Stephenson, G. Erfurth and B. Bretherton.

1973 - UNDER 15


This team, a powerful side particularly in defence, finished on top of the ladder. After easily accounting for Chelsea 10-0 in the second semi-final, they met Mornington in the final. The Frankston team once again showed their superiority in the grand final by thrashing Mornington 10-0 at the Bonbeach ground. Team members included : M. O'Brien, N. Baxter, P. Gloury, J. Davis, T. Burns, W. Johnson, W. Stradher, I. Sigmont, I. Hatch, J. Osmond and M. O'Shea.

1979 - UNDER 13's ON THE MOVE

The Under 13's, coached by Paul O'Brien and with Geoff Saleeba as Manager, defeated Bonbeach in the grand final, thereby giving the Club its first Under 13 flag since 1971. No further details are available except that P. Bray, T. O'Brien and R. Smith were members of that team.

1980 - UNDER 13's DO IT AGAIN

Coached by Paul O'Brien with Geoff Saleeba as Manager, this team defeated Dingley in the grand final. Team members included: N. Saleeba, T. O'Brien, B. Delaney, S. Purchase, H. Simpson, J. Baker, G. Finney, G. Lancaster, D. Thomas, S. Noble and A. Noble.

1982 - UNDER 15's TAKE FLAG

This team was known as the 'glamour team' because they played some exciting baseball and capped off a great home and away series by winning the Club's first Under 15 flag since 1973. Frankston headed the list at the end of the minor rounds with Dingley, Lyndale and Oakleigh making up the final four. Frankston defeated Dingley 10-1 in the second semi-final, whilst Lyndale defeated Oakleigh 14-7 in the first semi-final and Dingley 8-4 in the preliminary final. In the grand final Frankston easily accounted for Lyndale 7-0. It is rumoured that John Perry (Coach) and Geoff Saleeba (Manager) had a 'permanent' smile on their faces for some time! Team members were: N. Saleeba, P. Conell, S. Purchase, H. Simpson, A. Chynoweth, B. Delaney, G. Pearson, C. Arnall, T. O'Brien, K. Moss and J. Lane.


After finishing on top of the ladder with two losses and a draw, the Under 17's powered their way to the first flag for this age group in fifteen years. In the two games Frankston competed in on its way to the premiership the team scored 23 runs to 5! Frankston easily defeated Lyndale 10-4 in the second semi-final and went straight into the grand final. Chelsea defeated Bonbeach 5-4 in the first semi-final but was defeated by Lyndale 8-2 in the preliminary final. The grand final saw Frankston's overall skill and power completely demolish Lyndale 13-1. Team members were: A. Barker, P. Conell, J. Gulbin, T. Grayson, P. Newton, T. O'Brien, D. Patterson, G. Pearson, M. Rigby, B. Seedsman, N. Saleeba, D. Tainsh and S. Womersley. This win was a great triumph for Peter Gloury as Coach (5th time lucky), who received tremendous support from Andrew Jones (Asst Coach) and Elaine Pearson (Scorer).


This team showed very early in the season that they were potential finalists. After losing their opening match, they only lost two games for the remainder of the season to finish on top going into the finals. The second semi-final saw Frankston behind Cheltenham until the 6th innings when some fine hitting coupled with some errors by Cheltenham put them one run ahead. Runs scored in the next two innings clinched the game 12-7. Monash, having defeated Dingley in the first semi-final 10-1, was defeated by Cheltenham 7-3 in the preliminary final. The scene was therefore set for a 'nail-biting' grand final. With pitchers well in control, both sides were scoreless until the 4th innings when Cheltenham gained the first run. This was followed by another in the 6th and the score remained 2-0 going into the bottom of the 9th. Showing strong, determined batting, Frankston recovered magnificently with five hits later in the game to secure the flag 3-2. Keith Stephens had the winning hit to right field!
Andrew Purchase capped off a great year by winning the DBA Best Player award in A Reserve.


After a slow start to the season, the team moulded themselves into a real force and finished the home and away games in second position. The team defeated Lyndale 16-9 in the second semi-final, whilst Dingley defeated Bonbeach 8-0 and Lyndale 12-6. The grand final proved to be a tense struggle. After taking an early lead, Dingley managed to peg Frankston back to a one run advantage. Both teams continued to score freely but Frankston maintained a one run lead. The boys kept their 'cool' in moments of crisis - unlike some spectators - and finally achieved success with an 8-7 victory. Team members were: A. Richards, S. Whitehead, B. Holton, S. Beaumont, M. Watts, T. Ardley, R. Henry, G. Lang, N. Woodley, T. Longmuir, W. Bastek, T. Trenwith, M. Wells. Peter Finney (Coach) and Graeme Wells (Asst Coach).


The A Grade team, now known to all as 'The Tomatoes', went through the season with only one loss - to Bonbeach in round one. After finishing the season in top position, they defeated Cheltenham 4-1 in the second semi-final. Bonbeach defeated Dingley 8-5 in the first semi-final, and Cheltenham 9-5 in the preliminary final. What took place the following week is now part of Dandenong Baseball Association history. At 6.13pm, after twelve innings and 3 hours 43 minutes of play, Frankston and Bonbeach were tied at five-all. The decision to stop play was made thereby resulting in the first A Grade grand final draw in Dandenong Baseball Association history. The re-play the following week at the Dingley ground proved to be somewhat of an anti-climax as Frankston easily defeated Bonbeach 13-3 in the 7th innings.


Junior players combined with six senior players to finish the season with a 15-3 win/loss record. The D's were therefore well qualified to compete against other finalists. The second semi-final against Ormond-Glenhuntly (at OGH) resulted in a win for the Frankston team 11-5. Oakleigh made it through to the grand final by defeating Mornington 9-3 and OGH 16-5. An excellent pitching performance by Roger Henry (an Under 15 in 1987) with eight innings pitched, nine hits and five k's, backed up by sound fielding and good batting, resulted in Frankston recording an outstanding win 19-8.


After finishing on top with only two defeats for the season, 'The Tomatoes' were defeated 5-3 by Cheltenham in the second semi-final. A convincing 11-3 preliminary final win against Bonbeach resulted in yet another grand final appearance. Floyd Selleck was the starting pitcher and he obtained good support from the batters with four runs scored in the first innings. After having two out and no one on base, Murray Holmes, Michael Klinger, Daryl Dicker and Mark Anderton scored on an error and a clutch hit from Stuart Purchase. Cheltenham scored three runs in the third and the score was still 4-3 after five innings when Robert Hogan replaced Floyd Selleck on the mound. Leigh Walters scored a vital run on Mark Anderton's ground ball in the 8th. Frankston's tight defence held off a late challenge from Cheltenham who left bases loaded in the 9th innings. Coach Damian Shanahan was estatic with the 5-3 win as he was unable to play because of injury. The highlight of the day was the antics of Cheltenham catcher, Craig Kernick, who kept producing the odd tune from behind the plate! The team later found out that Craig was wearing 'musical boxer shorts'! Safe hits: L. Walters, M. Holmes, A. Purchase, S. Purchase, D. Simpson and M. Anderton - 1 each.

1995 - UNDER 12's DO IT IN THE 50TH

There could be no better way to celebrate the Club's Golden Jubilee than to win a premiership. Despite the efforts of the senior teams and other junior sides the privilege was left to the 'Tiny Tomatoes' (Under 12's). A talented team capably led by Matthew O'Brien and the Anderton twins improved beyond the calibre of the competition as the season progressed and thoroughly deserved their premiership honour. Capitalising on their continually improving performance throughout the season the 'Tiny Tomatoes' managed to defeat Chelsea 5-3 in the 2nd semi-final to enjoy a rest the following week. The week's break seemed to increase the competitive aspirations of the team as they easily defeated Chelsea 9-3 in the grand final. Perhaps the most significant factor in this premiership win was that each and every player contributed in a manner which demonstrated quality sportsmanship and a commitment to the team and its endeavours. The support of parents was also significant and certainly played a formidable role in the team's success.

1996 - A GRADE

The A Grade finished the regular season on top as Minor Premiers. The Semi Final against Cheltenham saw Matty Allanson throw a great game and the team pile on the runs to win 13-5. The Grand Final was a tight affair with Dingley taking an early 5-0 lead .. but we fought back to even the scoreline and then take the win in extras 6-5. A fantastic team win!

1996 - A RESERVE

In the Semi Final we played our worst game for the year with Dingley beating us 8-2. We re-grouped in the Prelim to win a tight game against Bonbeach 11-7. Against Dingley again, this time in the Grand Final - and it was like we were a different team. We scored in nearly every inning and kept Dingley scoreless until the 5th, running out comfortable winners 17-8.

1998 - A RESERVE

Once again the A Reserve team finished the year on top of the standings. The team lost the Semi Final to Dandenong, but came out fighting in the Prelim to defeat Cheltenham. Facing Dandenong again in the Grand Final we won 11-3 to take the premiership.

1999 - A GRADE

Frankston finished on top of the ladder at the end of the regular season and defeated Cheltenham 13 to 7 in the Semi Final. Cheltenham was defeated in the Preliminary Final by Bonbeach which set the stage for a Frankston - Bonbeach Grand Final. It was a close game with Frankston showing their determination to win 9 - 8.

1999 - UNDER 16

The 1999 season saw an Under 16 team with an enthusiasm and spirit to win, which ultimately brought home the premuiership. It was a great team effort by all players with fantastic support from parents and spectators.

2000 - B GRADE

The B Grade finished 3rd after the regular season. We defeated Monash in the Semi Final 10-2 and then rolled our old foe Cheltenham in a slugfest 18-11 in the Prelim. The Grand Final saw us up against Bonbeach, we managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, in what turned out to be a very exciting game. Final score, a 5-3 win!

2001 - B GRADE

Back to back Premierships for the B Grade. We played Cheltenham in the Semi at the Patch in what can only be decribed as a thriller. We won by a run with Chris Cox hitting a grand slam when we were 3 runs down. We met Chelt agian in the Grand Final and in stark contrast to the Semi we won 22-8 in a one-sided game. Great pitching by Rob Bell and hittg from Chris Cox.

2003 - A GRADE

We finished 2nd in the regular season behind Bonbeach, who we defeated 10-4 in the Semi Final. The Grand Final was also a one-sided game, defeating Dingley 10-0. During the playoffs we scored lots of runs and Brendan Ratcliffe dominated on the mound.

2003 - A RESERVE

Our finals campaign consisted of playing Monash in both the Semi and Grand Finals, of which we struggled a little in the Semi winning 12-6 - but dominated in the Garnd Final, with all players stepping up on the day to cruise to an easy victory 14-6.

2004 - A RESERVE

Another successful year for the A Reserve team, making it back-to-back premierships. We finished the year in top spot on the back of excellent pitching by Matty O'Brien and consistent hitting - with Dean Stephens being the standout. We won the Semi Final against Monash 20-3. The Grand Final was a nail-biter, going extra innings for a memorable 7-6 victory over Cheltenham.

2005 - WOMEN

2006 - A RESERVE

After losing to Cheltenham in the 2005 Grand Final the 2006 team had a mission to atone for that defeat. Ben Pittaway threw an outstanding game in the Grand Final and Chris Cox smashed a long home-run to take the title back from the Rustlers.

2007 - A GRADE

The A Grade was untouchable in 2007, going through the year undefeated and averaging 10 runs a game! A never-give-up attitude was displayed all year. The team could be down by 4-5 runs but consistently fought back to win by the same margin. On the mound Matty O'Brien, Ben Pittaway and Ben Smith held opposition batters in check, while our hitters all had the mantra of producing quality at-bats - which they did.
Matty O'Brien topped off the year winning the O'Brien Medal as the leagues best player.

2007 - C GRADE

Going in to the last game of the regular season the C Grade needed to win to make the playoffs - and win they did to end up finishing second. The Semi Final against Pakenham was tight early with the lead changing several times to be tied after 6 innings. A squeeze bunt and multiple hits then blew the game open which allowed us to run out winners 21-8.
The Grand Final against Bonbeach started slowly for the Tomatoes giving up 4 early runs. We reduced the deficit and the game see-sawed to the 7th when we plated 5. A late comeback in the 9th by Bonbeach wasn't enough and the flag was ours 14-12.

2008 - A2

2009 - A4

2013 - UNDER 11

Defeated Berwick 8-2 in the Grand Final.

2014 - A2

2015 - A2

This team played some great baseball during the regular season and finished on top of the ladder. The first of the finals saw Mitch Bowen hold Berwick to no score, giving us the win and moving on to our second straight Grand Final. In the Grand Final Mitch once again held down Berwick with an excellent pitching display that was backed up by strong defense. A great 2-1 win!

2016 - A2

A 3-peat for the A2s! We finished the season in 2nd place and lost our Semi Final to Dandenong. We defeated Dingley in the Prelim and then on to Dandenong again in the Grand Final. The team played very well with standout performances by Scott Baillie on the mound, Zac Skinner behind the dish and Ben Smith in the outfield. The final score was 7-1 and every player played a role in the win.

2016 - UNDER 15

In what was a real pitchers duel (1 hit only to both teams), the young Tomatoes hung in there to defeat Cheltenham White 1-0.

2017 - UNDER 12

The Under 12s were the dominant team all year, taking out the Premiership with an emphatic 22-1 win over Mornington. Jack Ratcliffe was the stand-out, hitting a Grand Slam!

2017 - UNDER 14

The Under 14s were too strong for Mornington, posting a shut-out 6-0 win to take the flag. Tyler Ellis was in control on the mound throwing a great game.

2018 - Under 14

The Under 14s had a close one against Cheltenham, getting up 4-3 in the last inning.

2018 - Under 18

The 18s defeated Dandenong, winning 5-3.

2019 - Under 18

2019 - B1

The B1s finished the home & away season in first place, meeting Pakenham in the Semi Final. Things didn't go to plan losing 9-4 to the Pumas. They bounced back winning the Prelim against Dandenong, in a game that went down to the wire 6-5. Facing Pakenham again in the Grand Final the Tomatoes started slowly being 6-2 down after the first few innings, but fought back to even the score at 9-all with some excellent pitching from Scott Baillie slowing the Pakenham hitters down and giving Frankston the opportunity to get back in the game. Team hitting from all players with notable performances from Sam Watson, Mitch Barr and Neal Cavanagh put Frankston into a lead they never surrendered, running out winners 18-9.