O'Brien Influence

'Football has its legends,
Other sports too, and that's fine,
Down here at the Frankston Baseball Club
We've always had an O'Brien.'

The final line of the above verse is particularly appropriate in this the 50th Anniversary of the Club. It is highly unlikely that any other family could match the quality of service so generously provided by various members of the O'Brien Family.
  Over the years many sporting identities have provided outstanding service to their respective sports. Names that readily come to mind include 'Jock' McHale, the legendry Coach at Collingwood (714 games), Allan Jeans, Tom Hafey, and Ron Casey. Whilst the O'Brien Family may dispute being compared to such 'legends', there is a comparison than can be made as such identities gave long and valued service to their particular sport.
  As one can see from the details listed below, the O'Brien Family has a most impressive record.

WILLIAM O'BRIEN (father of John and Paul):
1948-1954 President Frankston Baseball Club
1952-1961 Vice President Dandenong Baseball Association
1958-1961 President Dandenong Baseball Association

1948-1961 Secretary Frankston Baseball Club
1958-1961 Vice President Dandenong Baseball Association
1961-1962 Coach Frankston Baseball Club
1962-1974 Secretary Dandenong Baseball Association
1966-1967 President Frankston Baseball Club
1974-1988 Secretary/Treasurer Victorian Provincial Baseball League
1975-1981 Vice President Dandenong Baseball Association
1979-1988 Councillor Victorian Baseball Association
2000 Australian Sports Medal
Life Member - Frankston Baseball Club
Life Member - Dandenong Baseball Association
Life Member - Victorian Provincial Baseball League

1950-1951 Treasurer Frankston Baseball Club
1958-1959 Coach Frankston Baseball Club
1961 Coach Frankston Baseball Club
1963-1965 President Frankston Baseball Club
Life Member - Frankston Baseball Club

1973-1975 Secretary Frankston Baseball Club
1973-1976 Coach Frankston Baseball Club
1975-1977 Assistant Secretary Dandenong Baseball Association
1976-        President Frankston Baseball Club
1978-1981 Vice President Dandenong Baseball Association
1979-1983 Coach Frankston Baseball Club
1981-1989 President Dandenong Baseball Association
Life Member - Frankston Baseball Club
Life Member - Dandenong Baseball Association

1977-1978 Coach Frankston Baseball Club
Member of the Committee at various times

  In addition to the above, the sons of Paul - Luke, Tim, Daniel, Dominic, Simon, and Mark - Matthew - have all represented the Club and in some cases the Dandenong Baseball Association.
  The reasons for the O'Brien Family maintaining an interest in the game - in some cases long after their playing days were over - appear to be quite simple. They enjoyed the game - its highs and lows, wins and losses, trips away, the many characters the game has produced, the company of their team mates, the social activities, and the Club atmosphere wherein other members of their family were made welcome. As coaches, they attempted to pass on to others a variety of skills, and as administrators, they fully appreciated the need for sound, flexible, and co-operative management.
  Apart from the O'Brien Family, two other members of the Club (co-incidentally related to the O'Brien Family) deserve special mention - Sue Nicolaou (nee Gloury) and Peter Gloury. Over the years Sue and Peter have also given valuable service - Sue in off-the-field activities; Peter as a player, coach, and member of the Committee.

1977-1991 Secretary Frankston Baseball Club
1981 Manager Dandenong Baseball Association (Under 17)
1983 Scorer Dandenong Baseball Association (Under 19)
1986 Best Club Person Award
1987-1989 Secretary Dandenong Baseball Association
Life Member - Frankston Baseball Club

1979 Coach Dandenong Baseball Association (Under 13)
1985 Best Club Person Award
1988 Coach Dandenong Baseball Association (Under 17) - Undefeated premiers
Life Member - Frankston Baseball Club

  Peter has also coached many junior Frankston teams and has been a hard-working member of the Committee for many years.
  To the members of the O'Brien and Gloury Families I believe it is appropriate that we extend a very sincere THANK YOU for their care, concern, and dedication over the years.