Season 2019

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Fees for 2019


All players must be registered before the first game.

This season, we have set the senior club fees at $250 (inclusive of the $25 membership fee), and this has been included as part of the payment to be made online. Unless a prior arrangement is made with Mark, Nicole or Emma, we will only be accepting club fees online.

Separate Baseball Australia and Baseball Victoria fees will also apply depending on your activity over the summer, and should be automatically selected.

You will need to sign in using this link Frankston Baseball Club Registration using the same email address and password as the last time you registered (either for summer or winter). If you have any difficulties with this, or can't remember your details, please let us know asap so we can contact BV for assistance. Please DO NOT make a new record using another email address. This was part of the issues we faced last season with the BA fee being charged again.

The DBA website also has a link to our registration page. Visit this link to register with Frankston Tomatoes.


To be confirmed ....